Virtual Construction

Our industry is experiencing a period of incredible innovation, due in large part to the advancements made in virtual construction. Virtual construction is more than a 3D model; it's using the data that comprises the model to design and build the project – and even manage the facility when the project is complete.

Pepper uses our virtual construction services on both large and small projects, based on the scope and needs of the project. Our in-house capabilities include model authoring, constructability review, virtual mock-ups, reality capture, model-based estimating, visual scheduling, site logistics, safety planning, trade coordination/team review and virtual turnover/O&M.

Each project is unique and requires a custom approach, so we start by developing the BIM execution plan. With the preconstruction and project team, we define how the model will be used - for estimating and scheduling, clash detection, visualization or providing a facility management solution to the owner upon closeout. The plan helps us determine the right amount of detail that will be needed, establish the standards and workflows to be used during construction and prepare the right documentation for the procurement process.

Virtual construction services are quickly becoming standard in our industry. What sets Pepper apart is our team and their unique ability to use the technology and tools for problem solving. They're intimately familiar with the construction process and collaborate with the design and trade partners to offer the best answer for each situation. When they identify a clash, they also come up with solutions. When shutdowns are involved, they're thinking months in advance. And when the owner is having a hard time making decisions, they add more detail and use the latest technology to give a more realistic preview of the end result. Our virtual construction services provide more accurate and detailed information early in the preconstruction planning process, which benefits the project in the following ways:

  • Increases collaboration among design and construction team members
  • Allows owners to visualize the end result, which empowers them to make more informed decisions
  • Allows for cost-saving options, like prefabrication
  • Reduces the unknowns
  • Improves quality
  • Accelerates the schedule
  • Improves safety conditions

With technology changing so quickly, what's next? Pepper is on the cutting edge of augmented and virtual reality with services that offer an immersive experience before we ever break ground, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) are providing a new vantage point without leaving the ground. This technology allows us to investigate existing buildings and perform site inspections, as well as capture high-quality photographs of projects in progress – a service that informs our work and documents the construction process for our clients.

Pepper Construction Annual Review 2016-HD

Pepper Construction Annual Review 2016-HD