Reality Capture

Several different devices can be used to help us evaluate the existing environment. Reality capture tools and techniques, like laser scanning, hand-held scanning, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and photogrammetry, bring an advantage to our projects. They capture images of the existing space as points of data; then, we connect the dots and convert them into a 3D image that can be used with a virtual model.

This technology gives us an intelligent vantage point. Pepper's in-house services bring value to our design partners, clients and internal teams by replacing traditional practices, such as coring and surveying, with detailed and accurate data delivered faster and more accurately.  

Reality capture aligns the existing with new, partners the design with construction and helps teams think ahead to how the building will evolve in the future. The benefit of reality capture is precision, and having this technology allows us to move our coordination efforts upfront, to preconstruction, to reveal the unknowns early-on.