The best results are achieved from careful upfront planning. At Pepper, we start by asking specific questions so cost implications can be analyzed in tandem with critical design decisions. This approach opens the door for target value design and other collaborative budgeting methods. And because our estimates are based on real information, you have an accurate budget on which you can rely, from the first estimate to the end of the project.

Every aspect of the project impacts your budget, and we want to account for all of it from the start. While we make it look easy, we put a lot of effort into the first stages of the preconstruction process. We start by involving the right team with the right expertise to remove assumptions and make decisions early-on.  So what kind of expertise does it take?

  • Owner involvement – learning your vision, goals and expectations so we can measure our performance where it matters
  • Design partnership – open conversations that build-to-budget instead of cut important scope
  • Local market knowledge – knowing the best subs, their availability and inviting their input
  • Site investigation - understanding your operations, building and land and the associated codes and permitting requirements
  • Cost benchmarking - with historical cost data, current market intelligence and subcontractor input
  • Thorough value analysis – including MEP and building systems, energy and life cycle costs
  • Material selections – knowing the characteristics of what we're installing and how, suggesting smart alternates and acting immediately to secure long-lead items
  • Strategic bid packages – that achieve local and diversity goals and allow for early-release packages
  • Our integrated services team – to prepare a project-specific safety, qualitylean, virtual and high performance plan
  • Field input – for constructability review, sequencing and logistics options
  • Third party perspective – whether subs, consultants, permitting and inspection authorities - or our own environmental  technology and self perform teams

Pepper's preconstruction team members are considered leaders in our industry. Their combined expertise results in an accurate and detailed first budget that you can take to the bank – and build from. We invite you to contact us to help you plan your project.

"Through the last 17 months of the project, Pepper has not only performed well in managing and completing the construction but they have also been an invaluable asset to our project management team through pre-construction services and the identification of numerous project cost-savings."

John E. Albers, Jr. AIA, LEED AP, Project Executive, Faithful+Gould