High Performance and Sustainable Construction

Pepper is committed to making a positive impact on our environment. Our green building program started by providing traditional construction services: documentation, waste management and recycling. We were one of the first in the industry and one of the best.

Over the years, we added other services to help our clients make informed decisions, like developing educational materials and analyzing Return on Investment. We expanded our platform to national organizations and publications and tapped our in-house MEP expertise to offer building energy services. Through measurement and verification, we now focus on helping customers in post-construction. 

With more than $1 billion in LEED®-certified projects, we've become smarter about our environment and how we interact with it. Did you know that 90 percent of our time is spent indoors and that the inside environment can impact our performance? Or, that your building's orientation can impact its energy consumption by up to 40 percent?  Today, our high performance and sustainability program is designed to address the life of the building and the lives of those who occupy it. So what are we working on next?

Early-on energy modeling

Whether you're seeking a specific rating - Energy Star, LEED, Living Building Challenge or Well Building Standard - or you just want an efficient space, we can help you understand how to make your investment pay off. As our preconstruction team is breaking down the cost of construction, our high performance team will look at where you will be spending your money in operations – to help you see the whole picture. And we can do this with the first estimate. Further, we can tie all of this to the 3D model to give you a picture of what it means to the space.

Nothing hits the floor

Often associated with higher quality, safer working environments and lean principles, just-in-time delivery and installation also promotes a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. We strive to incorporate this program on every job site, and we mandate it on all our LEED jobs. Minimizing the amount of material that is stored, stacked and piled on your site gives everyone more room to work efficiently and limits exposure to the chemicals found in materials.

"Pepper's LEED certification expertise was a huge part of why we hired them.  They got involved early on, and almost literally held my hand throughout the process."

- Sheridan Turner, President and CEO, Kohl Children's Museum

Shift: From Sustainable Construction to High Performing Buildings

Shift: From Sustainable Construction to High Performing Buildings

What if how we build could positively improve our environment, benefit the people using the space and help the owner's bottom line? In addition to this video, you can learn more here: pepperconstruction.com/blog/impact-indoor-environments-our-lives